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My name is Zach DeAugustine and you have reached "The Mind of Picasso" the leading way in your home improvement needs!

Who or What is "The Mind of Picasso"?

"Mind of Picasso" is the name of my business. The most frequently asked question I get, is "Where did you come up with the name?" or "What does it mean?"... Well today is your day... I'll fill you in.

In a trade like remodeling, you can't just get by skills alone. You have to have some creativity in order to succeed.  Kitchen design, flower bed design, flooring, room sub-division, trim work... all need creativity.  Creativity like an artist.  I always thought that if I had a mind like an artist (like Van Gogh or Picasso), I can set myself apart from the competition and really shine.

I am a fully licensed and insured contractor of Pennsylvania.

What Do You Do Exactly?

Well, in short, I remodel.  Home Improvement is my trade.  Check the "Work" link off to the upper left for the specifics.

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I take Cash, Check, and Paypal. Currently working on credit/debit cards.